Wedding Upgrades

You can add any of these services to enhance your experience:

Martinelli Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Cider Toast – $75

Celebrate your union with a toast that everyone can drink with Martinelli’s delicious Non-Alcoholic Apple Cider.

  • 2 bottles.

  • 14 champagne flutes.

You may not bring your own food or beverage into the chapel.

Photographer 1 or 2 hours – $400/$600

Document your special day with our professional photographers capturing the moments and emotions of your special day.

  • 1 hour will cover the ceremony and your guests at the Love Chapel NYC. And then you can go outside and take a few more outdoor photos with the city in the background. You can if you hustle, 30 minutes in the chapel, 10-15 minute walk to park (4 blocks) and take 15 minutes of pictures in the park on 77th St.

  • 2 hours will give you time to take pictures at the ceremony and walk over to the Park at leisure. You can consider first taking pictures in the park and then coming to the chapel.

  • All images will be high-resolution and be delivered electronically via a downloadable link of images. No prints are included, but you may print your own images.

  • Images sent within 7 days of ceremony.

Dressing Room – $75

We can make a space (5 ’x 6’) available for you to change comfortably before or after your ceremony. This space is normally occupied, so we need advance notice to empty and sanitize it for you. You and a helper can arrive 20 minutes early before the scheduled start time.

WiFi – $25

If you wish to live-stream via Facebook or another app yourself, you may want to use our WiFi and not worry about your cellular data plan.

We used to offer a live-stream service, but we no longer offer the service. You can do it yourself by downloading the LoveCast app for free and sharing it with your family. Family members do not need any software or login. Its pretty easy to use.

Silk Bouquet and Boutonniere Rental – $25

If you dont have your own flowers and want to be bothered carrying them, you can rent our set, 1 bouquet and 1 boutonniere for the time you are in the chapel. They can not leave the building.

Legal Witness -$100

One of your guests can be your witness for no charge. They must show a government issued photo ID from any country. IF YOU DONT HAVE A WITNESS OR ANY GUESTS and its JUST THE TWO OF YOU, we can provide a witness for you. You must have at least one witness for your marriage to be legal. They will sign your marriage license.