Wedding in the rain

While they say, rain on your wedding is good luck, what else can they say? offers a great option for rain or bad weather. Purchase our “Rain Insurance” if you plan on having a ceremony in Central Park. It only costs $99 and will give you a great backup option to have your ceremony.

In the event of rain, you can use our wedding chapel so you and your guests stay dry. You have the space for 30 minutes and you can bring your Officiant, Photographer, and up to 20 guests. The space can only be used in the event of rain. This is not a discounted rate for a planned wedding ceremony at the chapel. This is a backup option only.

**Must be purchased at least 48 hours in advance.

You must use the time slot that you book. There are other weddings taking place and so you can not be late or extend the time.

Again, this price does not include our officiant services, only the space for the specified 30 minute time slot.